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When I married my husband, the two of us went on several shopping trips. During these shopping excursions, we looked for beautiful pieces of furniture to fill our new home with. At one store, I was drawn to a lovely oak, curio cabinet. After spotting this item of furniture, I instantly knew I wanted to display my extensive doll collection in it. Do you have a large collection of dolls, model cars, model trains, or snow globes you want to proudly display? Consider shopping for the perfect, stylish piece of furniture to put your beloved things in. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to help you shop for the display case of your dreams. Enjoy!


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Shopping for a Display Case

April Fools! Joke Gifts For The Prankster On Easter

by Eli Schmidt

In an unprecedented event, April Fool's Day and Easter fall on the same day this year. That is enough to get some pranksters thinking ahead in funny and irritating ways. Still, if you have a prankster in your life, you probably want to give him/her some joke gifts that cover both holidays. Here are some joke gift ideas that will definitely please your prankster and celebrate both events.

The Jelly Bean-Pooping Chicken or Rabbit

Yes, it is very naughty indeed, but it is also quite funny. Fill the belly of the chicken or rabbit wind-up toy with jelly beans or small, spherical candies; whatever best fits out the back "dispenser" hole of the toy. Wind it up, and put it down. As the rabbit hops, it drops its treats here and there, just like the real animals. The chicken will hop or walk too, except that it makes a clucking noise every time it leaves you a little "present."

Trick Gum

To avoid bad breath at Easter service, many people chew gum. It also helps you stay alert. For the prankster, nothing is funnier than offering people a piece of chewing gum from a yellow or mint green wrapper, and then watching the other person get his/her finger electrically buzzed or snapped with a wire! (You can also get trick gum that turns people's teeth an unpleasant color, but it is best to save that kind of trick gum for some location other than church.) Trick gum is often sold in sets of three packs, but some prank companies will sell you individual pranks.

Rotten Eggs

No, these are not real rotten eggs, but only the prankster will know. They look a lot like traditional egg-hunt eggs, but when the finder opens them, he or she is treated to quite the foul smell. Close the plastic egg again to stop the odor. The trick is in the skunk oil packaged with the plastic eggs. Cotton swabs and gloves are not included, so you may want to provide those so that your prankster does not stink of skunk oil all day.

Practical Joke-Themed Easter Baskets

Yes, they exist. You can buy Easter baskets filled to the brim with some of the most classic pranks and gags you can buy. It is the perfect gift basket for your little prank-loving person, especially because of the way these two holidays coincide this year.