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Shopping for a Display Case

Unique Graduation Sash Designs to Consider

by Eli Schmidt

Many students enjoy the idea of slipping a graduation sash over their shoulders on top of their graduation gown and proudly displaying the two symbols of accomplishment. Lots of schools have graduation sashes for their graduating class to wear. Commonly, this accessory will be made with the school's colors and feature some relevant wording — for example, the name of the school, the year of graduation, and more. The sash will often also include the school's logo. If you're buying graduation sashes for the student body, here are some other design ideas to consider.


It can be valuable to recognize your students who also made contributions to your school on the athletic fields. A sports-related graduation sash will likely be in the same colors as the general school sash, but it can have some different wording and graphics. It should contain the name of the sport that the graduate played and perhaps a graphic that represents the sport — for example, the outline of a football helmet or a soccer ball. Depending on how custom you want to get, you could even list some details about the team's success. For example, you could have the team's record and "State Champs" or some other relevant wording.

Study Abroad

For many students, studying abroad for part of their school career is a big accomplishment. It's nice to recognize the impact that these students have made not only in your school, but also in another. Graduation sashes for such students can take many designs. While you might still want to keep them the same color and overall look as the general sashes, they can read "Study Abroad" and perhaps have the dates of that adventure. Another nice touch is to have a small logo of the country in question's flag.

Honor Roll

It's important to recognize your school's top achievers. On graduation day, those who finished their final year of school on the honor roll will often get verbal recognition at the graduation ceremony, but you can also outfit these high achievers with special graduation sashes. Using a similar design to the regular graduation sash for your students, this sash design should read "Honors" or "Honor Roll" somewhere so that everyone who encounters these students understands their strengths in the classroom.

To consider other custom designs for your graduating class, contact a company that specializes in producing graduation sashes. You'll be able to browse various styles to ensure that the design you pick suits your goals.