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When I married my husband, the two of us went on several shopping trips. During these shopping excursions, we looked for beautiful pieces of furniture to fill our new home with. At one store, I was drawn to a lovely oak, curio cabinet. After spotting this item of furniture, I instantly knew I wanted to display my extensive doll collection in it. Do you have a large collection of dolls, model cars, model trains, or snow globes you want to proudly display? Consider shopping for the perfect, stylish piece of furniture to put your beloved things in. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart tips to help you shop for the display case of your dreams. Enjoy!


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Shopping for a Display Case

4 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A New Bath Tub For Your Home

by Eli Schmidt

Are you looking for a new bathtub to install in your home's bathroom? Here are a few important considerations that should be made while you shop:


It's important to decide exactly where you want to put your new bathtub before buying one to ensure a proper fit. If you aren't certain where your bathtub will go before buying one, you may end up with a design that looks poorly fitted. Once you determine where the new bathtub should go, carefully measure the space and write the measurements down so you can take them with you when you go bathtub shopping. You can use the measurements as a guideline when narrowing down your bathtub options and ensure that you choose a right fit.

Color Scheme

You don't have to purchase a white bathtub for your bathroom if you don't want to. To create a modern look, consider the color scheme of your bathroom and determine what color bathtubs would look best in the room. Choose two or three different colors in case you can't find one that comes in your first color choice. Chances are that you'll find a bathtub in a hue that perfectly matches the color scheme of your bathroom.

Future Plans

You should also figure out how long you'll expect to utilize the new bathtub after it gets installed in your bathroom. Do you plan to sell your home at any point in the future? If so, you'll want to choose a bathtub that will increase your home's value overall. If you plan to stay in your home forever, you can focus more on things like style and design than value. And if you plan to replace the bathtub with something else again in a few years, you can save some money by avoiding the higher end bathtubs that are designed to last a lifetime and instead choose a middle range one that will last for decades.


Maintenance should be another consideration that is made when choosing a new bathtub for your home's bathroom. If you don't want to spend a lot of time on maintenance and keeping the bathtub looking clean, stay away from materials that are easily stained or chipped and go with something that features a stain-proof coating. Take a look at the maintenance guide of each prospective bathtub you look at to make sure you know what you will be expected to do to keep the tub in good shape as time goes on.

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