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Shopping for a Display Case

3 Ways To Have Maximum Comfort When Using Ear Candle Kits

by Eli Schmidt

Ear candles have been used for multiple generations as a way to treat wax build-up in the ear. The process uses a hollowed candle that creates a vacuum seal when the candle is lit and the wax is heated up. While the process is generally painless, you want to remain comfortable through the process.

As you shop for ear candles, check out three ways to increase comfort and have a pleasant experience.

1. Use Paper Plates

One of the biggest forms of discomfort comes from the candle itself. A typical ear candle session will last for 15 minutes. During this time, a lot of wax will burn from the candle. You do not want wax falling on your face or your ear. The high heat can cause a lot of pain.

Cut a small slit into the center of a paper plate. Slide the ear candle about halfway through the slit. The paper plate will catch any wax that falls. The last thing you want to worry about is extra wax falling into your ear as you try to extract more. 

A paper plate will also help block out the direct heat from a flame. After a few minutes, a close flame can feel hot on the skin. The paper plate barrier creates protection so you remain comfortable during the whole ear candle session.

2. Cooled Rooms

The ear candle flame creates a lot of radiant heat, even when you use paper plates. You should perform the process in a cooled room to increase your comfort. Ideally, you want the cool air to come from an open window or an air conditioner. You do not want a fan to impact the flame of a candle and accidentally blow it out.

After your first experience, you will have a good idea of how hot the flame feels. After that, you can adjust the temperature as needed.

3. Neck Pillows

A key part of the ear candle process is ensuring your heat lays flat on the side. Laying flat without any support can lead to neck strain and pains. Ideally, you should place a neck pillow under your head for maximum support. If you don't have a neck pillow, then consider a throw pillow.

You do not want a pillow that is too thick and will lift your head up too high. Test out pillows before you start the process. You should also a towel over the pillow just in case any wax or debris falls off and lands on the pillow area.

Once you maximize the comfort, you can easily go through the ear candle process whether you undergo treatment or use ear candles on someone else. To learn more about ear wax candles, reach out to a company such as Hollow Care Therapeutics.