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Here is another great product from our Do It Line,
sportscards display kit. This is a new do it yourself kit to display you favorite sports card. We have 2 items to chose from. One is framed with a 4 x 6 black box wood frame, the other is unframed. Each comes with your choice of cut out designs; roman, octangle and rectangle. Each cut out is designed to hold a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 image; the size of a standard sportscard. You have 10 colors to chose from; white, black, blue, dark blue, green, red, purple, teal, brown and silver.

The Do It yourself kit without the frame includes a color mat board, back board and a self sticking easel. You place your card against the mat board face down, remove the tape and attach the backboard. Attach the easel and display.

The Do It yourself kit with frame includes a frame, glass, a color mat board, back board and easel. You place your card against the mat board, add the back board and easel to frame. Press tabs to secure and display.

This could not be easier and a neat way to display your favorite card and customize it to match your favorite team colors. This is great for a Do It yourself project.
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